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The philosophy of nature-centered activities is that spending time in nature, especially alone in nature, can help you to find deeper meaning and direction in life. It can enable you to heal childhood wounds or life's trauma, face life’s transitions and cycles, and enhance your relationship with loved ones, co-workers, and community members. Everyone has a story to tell based upon their life's journey. Some people fall victom when remembering or telling their story. Others feel like a Hero or Heroine. Thriving is far superior to just surviving. In brief, it is an opportunity for change and personal growth.

Relationships and transitions are the major sources of life’s problems. Through our Soul Awakening “back to nature” program and retreat you may ease those transitions. From June through September, Soul Awakening Retreats (typically three to four days long) are available for individuals and couples, or in groups assembled by organizations. Click here to find out more about Soul Awakening Retreats.


Dr. Israel Helfand and his wife, Cathie Helfand, facilitate all programs together. They have more than 30 years of experience as marriage counselors, employee assistance counselors, and family life educators. They were trained in Wilderness First Aid, Vision Quest Leadership, Outdoor Education, and Natural Healing. For more information about the Helfands, including articles about and by them click here.

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